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Dreams 28/Jul/2002

I disembark a train at Exhibition Centre station, Finnieston. The station is somewhat different from reality, and - perversely - passengers leave the low-level station via a downward staircase. A huge throng of people leave the station, and the stairs are crowded. As I near the bottom, a stranger, immediately behind me, falls, saved only by grabbing my neck clumsily. Customary thanks are exchanged, and I continue on my way.

I turn left out of the station, through an underpass (like at Cathcart, Langside, &c stations) towards the river. On the rough site of the SECC east car park (towards the City Inn and the Finnieston crane), there is a Millennium-esque glass-roofed building, which I enter with a friend, who materialises out of nowhere or maybe the car park.

The interior seems to be a cross between the Millennium Dome, the Eden Project, and the Glasgow Science Centre. My friend and I sit down at a long table, upon which some fossils sit in basins of very clean dirt. Close by, the mysterious faller is polishing an old fossil. My friend goes over to speak to her, and starts chatting her up.

The bizarre centrepiece of the centre is a tropical glasshouse in which there is a huge wooden model of an androgynous person, doing a push up. The left arm is held in by gravity and good grace, so I find that I can dislodge it, rather like the broken hind leg on my miniature wooden rocking horse. I push it back in place before the whole model falls down.






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