mrry (Happy New Year)
Dreams 9/May/2002

It is past midnight, and I am on the last 44 bus home from the town. It proceeds by a very strange route, down Auldhouse road, then whackily east, until I don't really know where I am. The bus emerges onto the riverfront close to the suspension bridge, and continues east. The city appears far more built-up than it actually is, with many more bridges.

The bus crosses the river, and transmogrifies in to a car, driven at a high speed by one of my friends. As we rocket down a road, I predict that we will soon pass the Parkhead Forge. We do, and we speed past it towards the north bank of the river. We abandon the car, and find ourselves at the beginning of a pitch-dark, muddy path alongside the river.

We jog along it, past all sorts of people, until we arrive at what must be the Briggat, but which is actually the Rankine Building (Glasgow University Electronic Engineering Department). We go inside, and up to the lab. We start to write a report, which oddly contains our CVs, and print these out. Somebody walks past, and tells us that the building is closed.






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