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Dreams 12/Nov/2002

I am back at Heathrow Airport. I don't know why I keep returning here, but I have always been curious about it, and being there has always meant that I am going somewhere special. Nevertheless, I keep seeming to have the same dream about it, or at least a dream in which some things always happen. For example, I always walk along the front of the terminal building in a leftward direction, looking at it from outside on the landside. I'm also convinced that there is always a lift in the dreams, but I can't prove this from my archives. Nevertheless, onwards:

I have just arrived from Glasgow in Terminal One of Heathrow Airport. I appear to be at a loss for things to do, which pleases me, since I have always wanted to explore the surrounds. I also have a vague notion that I might be going to America with my aunt later that day, but I still have several hours to kill, nevertheless.

I see a doorway with an escalator immediately inside it. Above it is a sign that promises passage to Terminal Four. I step through the door and onto the steep escalator. It is at least a 45 degree angle downwards. It continues down until I reach the nadir of the V-shaped passageway. At this point the ceiling becomes too low for me to continue, so I hop onto the other escalator, and go back up to Terminal One.

A little interlude:

I am in the car park of PC World in Finnieston. A group of people and I are taking part in a work experience scheme with IBM. We are each handed a supplement from a newspaper. When I am handed mine, I am told that my placement will be in America, since I am going there soon with my aunt.

In the middle of the terminal concourse, instead of there being check-in desks, there is a large newsstand. I contemplate buying a magazine, before I realise that they never have that magazine you are looking for in airports, and once you're there, it's too late. I save my money therefore.

[As in this dream,] I walk along the inside of the terminal building in a generally north-west direction. At this point, the dream fades....






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