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Ducks Frisky the Bumble-Duck (Cartoon) 10/Apr/2001

When a well-meaning duck and a hapless bee are turned into a single, mutant being, anything could happen. As it turns out, it does. Now you have the opportunity to watch the cartoon of Frisky the Bumble-Duck's illustrious life. Then see him vanquish Daniel, who may or may not be one of his fathers.

Ducks Chapter 4 3/Feb/2001

Who Shot the Head Duck?

Ducks Chapter 3 16/Dec/2000

Newcomer Mr. Cheese calls an assembly.

Ducks Chapter 2 12/Nov/2000

Daniel is left home alone as Mr. and Mrs. Duck and their son Chuck take a holiday to Mallorca.

Ducks Chapter 1 28/Oct/2000

A wild tangent gives way to the seventy-first most successful franchise of all time - The Ducks!



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