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Photos Florida 20/Apr/2000

These pictures were taken on my third visit to the Sunshine State of Florida, during the Easter holidays.

For those who might be interested, we stayed at the Marriott Residence Inn at Lake Buena Vista, off highway 535; and we flew with British Airways from Glasgow, via London Gatwick, to Orlando Intl. Airport.


When you say the words "Disney World" to most people, they immediately think of the Magic Kingdom, Cinderella's Castle and such like.


Another prominent feature of the Magic Kingdom is the daily parade. At the time of our visit, Disney were runing their Easter parade. And, in deference to the season, there were pink hippos...


At this stage, it would be far too predictable of me to explain what Epcot stands for. So I'll not do that. Instead I'll tell you that Epcot is the opposite of the Magic Kingdom: there are virtually no Disney characters to be seen, and, instead of fairy-tale architecture, half of Epcot is made up of ultra-modern buildings, such as Spaceship Earth.


If ersatz Hollywood is what you're after, then Disney/MGM is the place to come. However, having seen the real Hollywood, I'd have to say that I prefer the Disneyfied version. Common to both is Mann's Chinese Theater.


What you won't find in the real Hollywood, discounting the freeways, are thrill rides. And few come more thrilling that the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror. The pretence is that you are in the service lift of a creepy old hotel, then you go through the Twilight Zone and end up free-falling several times in the lift. Nice.


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