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Blog 21 at last 31/Jan/2006

Given as it is the final day of January, I can't think of a more appropriate moment to wish you all a happy new year. In the mean time, so much has happened that I've hardly had time to write it down. Christmas, a three-day-long Hogmanay, a week in the spectacular Highlands, and the small matter of my 21st birthday.

And what difference does being 21 make? I can now drive a bus, stand for election and go into the amusement arcade on Nicolson Street. I can drink alcohol when I finally make it back to the States, and—should I ever feel desperate enough—revisit The Drink in Guildford. But none of these have affected me as much as Saturday, when I had the best night out I've ever had in the company of my friends. I've never liked to name names on here, but I am extremely grateful to everyone who came out on Saturday, for the wonderful gifts and cards, for the excellent company and for all of the surprises. And thank you also to those who wanted to be there but couldn't, who sent their best wishes, and such touching cards and presents. I am truly honoured to have you as friends.

So now that the celebrations have come to an end, I'm still wandering about with a dippy smile on my face, and wondering what I can get away with on my 22nd….




Chris Miller said:
Hey dude, happy birthday!

Would have liked to be there, but it's a fair trek for a night out - also at the weekend I stuck in bed with a cold.

Does this mean you'll start paying full price on the bus now?





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