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Blog Personal Grooming Takes A Holiday 7/Dec/2005

Now, I realise that, at long last, most of you have left behind the world of formal written examinations. In many cases you've left it behind for a world of nine-to-five working, performance reviews and annual bonuses that could feed a small African family for a year. Well not I.

Tomorrow marks the first of three exams in the "festive" diet. It's times like this that I'm glad I made a checklist for, well, times like this. The lucky pen and indomitable Thomas the Tank Engine ruler are packed and ready for action. The frankly regrettable exam beard is already underway, though without the old DCS camaraderie, I expect people will just think I'm being a scruffy bastard. The lucky exam trousers disintegrated shortly after the end of finals, so I shall be donning their spiritual airs, which is probably a good thing, because otherwise people would be getting rather too good a look at the lucky underwear. That last gave me something of a heart-flutter earlier today, when they came out the dryer in a state that can only be described as "moist". Faced with the choice between sitting in discomfort tomorrow afternoon or forgoing literally years of tradition, I think my decision to contribute a little bit more to global warming and our electricity bill was entirely merited.

So, to any Edinburgh students who might be reading this and actually have any exams to do, good luck!




Qadir said:
Good luck mate, hope you're well.





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