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Blog If proof were needed 5/Dec/2005

Many people have commented to me that it seems like I've done no work since moving to Edinburgh. In fact, it sounds just like it's been eleven straight weeks of leisurely strolls, cultural events and discount shopping.

I can't deny that that has hitherto been the case, but I'm now embroiled in a byzantine schedule of exams and assessment deadlines (four of which conspire to be on the same day: the last day of term). Don't believe me? Then perhaps the following sentence from my Message-Passing Programming report will convince you otherwise:

The result of this does not depend on the shape of the image, and so could lead to the creation of sub-optimal cartesian topologies, especially in the case of particularly oblong images.

Now, you can hardly suggest that I would fake that. Even though "oblong" is an Inherently Funny Word, that must be the single most dull sentence ever written. So you might understand why I felt the need to vent. Onwards!








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