mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog Fresher 11/Sep/2005

As of yesterday, I am an Edinburger. On that basis, you can adjust your opinions of me just as quickly as I can adjust my speech patterns to charmingly mispronounce various kitchen appliances and append "like" to the end of every sentence.

With relocation comes a hint of déjà vu. Four years on, and I'm a fresher again. All the obligatory excitement at new beginnings notwithstanding, it's a little chastening to know that I'm currently fifty miles away from anyone I know. At least this time round I have a flat.

What shall I be doing for the next week? There's a fairly punishing two-day induction spell at EPCC on Wednesday and Thursday, and various postgraduate-related events on Monday and Tuesday. There's an Indie Society that runs a couple of club nights and holds fortnightly meetings that may or may not involve the making of zines. They namecheck Belle & Sebastian on their events listing, so there's reason to believe I could be in Cat and Girl heaven. There's also a CompSoc! Though it's hard to imagine that it would rock as hard as our Glasgow version, it might be worth popping in. However, as Matt has already relayed, the BLOGS society isn't the forum for discussing Wordpress templates that I might have imagined.

Should be fun then. Expect infrequent updates for the next week as I either (a) will be too busy to keep you posted, or (b) will artificially throttle the posts to create the appearance of (a). If you want to know which, ask Neil!




Loyde Ayers said:
I don't know if you know, Mister Mrry, but I just found out that Vic Reeves' Big Night Out is out on DVD.

*Slowly falls down*

Lynsey said:
ahhh get the O sound for Oven right now D.... glad you've finally come round to the idea that Edinburgh is quite frankly better!!! Salt and sauce????





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