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Blog Blog Depression 16/Aug/2005

I usually try to avoid posting links, but (via Going Underground), I have learned to

Take a break. Go ahead. The world won't end just because you've stopped contributing to the vast info-detritus of the world. Have some donuts. Chill.

What better way to spend a Tuesday morning than to pass on the pamphlet (such a word!) on Blog Depression. Some tips therein for those of you who're too busy to blog much these days, and Neil can get something out of it because it slags blogs!




Christian Henson said:
For your interest I have now posted the full three minute version of the "Two Pints..." theme entitled "Lager" on my site go to:

And click on lager, the lyrics are there as well.

Steve said:
Careful now. You surely don't wish to end up in the chasm of depression that the pamphlet suggests meta-blogging is, do you?





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