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Blog Open Letter 19/May/2005

Dear Invigilator,

I write to congratulate you on your sterling job of invigilating the Database and Internet Technology 4 exam earlier today.

I appreciate your swift action when the exam in the adjoining Bute Hall ended, and the inconsiderate students in that exam disturbed us as and ours continued. Only a special sort of person would think to close the door between the two halls: who would have thought that the sound would carry through the 100-foot immediately above it?

I must thank you also for the thoroughness that you showed in patrolling the exam hall. It requires immense powers of lateral thinking to suspect that, after four years of hard work, I would jeopardise it all by smuggling the course notes into the room on centimetre-wide strips of paper, in an exam where a certain percentage of the mark is allocated to expanding acronyms.

Yours faithfully,

Derek Murray.






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