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Blog Things I Have Read Today 1/May/2005

In common with every year since time immemorial, the onset of May is an unambiguous sign that exams will soon be upon us. For everybody except Chris, this means that it's revision time. To that end, for the possible use of anybody who does the same courses as me, I present a few resources that have helped me to understand key concepts:

  • Algorithmics 4: Rotating Calipers (or, how to find, in O(n) time, the furthest-apart pair of points in a set, given the convex hull). (Note that, on reflection, knowing this is probably overkill for the past paper question to which it refers.)
  • Artifical Intelligence 4: Bayesian Networks; Explaining Away.
  • Distributed Algorithms and Systems 4: Quantum Computing (PDF, link works only from the Uni network).
  • Grid Computing (M): Proxy Certificates.
  • Security and Cryptography 4: Kerberos (in five easy stages).

I hope some of these might be of use to you, if you're also studying towards these exams.

Now for the geeky part. I've posted all of these links to, tagged with dcsglasgow and the respective course abbreviation (alg4, ai4, das4, gc5 and sac4). If and when I find anything more, I'll tag it similarly. If you have an account on, it'd be great if you did the same with anything that you find. And if you use RSS, then you can monitor the associated RSS feed.



PS. Astute readers will recall the exam wiki from last year. It's still there, and I notice that there has been some activity on it recently. It remains a useful tool….


Kenny said:
Indeed, the exam wiki has been experiencing activity.. as well as humans, an awful lot of activity seems to be from robotic wiki-spammers from doom!! AArrgh

Gary Fleming said:
I'll contribute to the pool also. Just added a paper on DES.

spoonie said:
decent, i'm doing SEP, DBIT and NC, so if u want to write a brief overview of the main topics for each of those courses and stick it online, that'd be lovely ;-)





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