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Blog Cartophilia 19/Apr/2005

Via Fraser, Stuart, and—coming soon!—the entire remainder of the British blogosphere, comes news that Google Maps UK is finally here.

As a self-professed cartophile, this can only be great news. The mapping looks like it's based on the same data as Map24, perhaps as a result of the recent deal between the two companies. This also means that there the same (intentional?) anomalies pop up in Google's offering. Looking locally, the most egregious of these are Taybridge Drive for Clarkston Road and Duntaylor Avenue for Eastwoodmains Road. Both of these are main southside roads (the B762/767 and A726, respectively), but the errors aren't limited to classified routes (I mean: Chewton Way for University Avenue? Not far from Inverquhomery Road for Great Western Road!). Of course, these could be copyright traps, but surely it would be better to hide these out of the way, rather than on some of the most prominent roads in our cities. (Of course, they could just be considering Glasgow in its entirety to be out of the way: behold the wave of umbrage….)

All-in-all, though, it's a nice development, and good to see Google investing in the UK. I'm counting the days for satellite photos.




Cabumbo said:
Sorry, totally unrelated, but i see the old /wiki directory is still active, you advertised that useful info to the third years of the current term. Could seriously mess them up by changing the info.

And upon reading the post Derek i can say only that i hope you have plenty of tissues, after teh true confessions of a map lover in "the England" during the summer.

Steve said:
The underlying data for searching seems to be correct: search for University Avenue, and you will get a correct result. The (static?) images are very wrong...

Gary Fleming said:
There's a lot in the west end that just doesn't add up. Beyond University Avenue being arbitrarily renamed, Byres Road becomes Durness Street for a spell in the middle and Ashton Lane seems all wrong.





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