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Blog Giving you ToSS 1/Apr/2005

For some time now, I have been producing an RSS (Really Simple Syndication) version of this blog. RSS has been a boon for personal publishing; however, it still has numerous shortcomings. In order to address some of these, I give you ToSS: TeX-oriented Simple Syndication.

Here are some of the advantages that ToSS offers over existing syndication formats:

  • Finally, a truly portable syndication format. Using pdflatex, generate a PDF version of your site (screenshot) that may be viewed across all platforms, or even printed so that it may be read anywhere.
  • No more encoding issues. Uses the simple, unambiguous LaTeX syntax for "foreign" characters.
  • Powerful equation support for the Maths/Science/Engineering communities.
  • There's no specification, so nobody can argue over who invented it.

I recommend that you check out my ToSS feed, for more details.








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