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Blog Statute of Limitations 27/Mar/2005

As is the vogue, I've been toying with hosting a few photographs on Flickr. Along with a few choice cuts from the Christmas party and some obligatory snow pictures, I recently got round to posting some additional photos from the summer.

You see, when I posted the summer photos, I made several necessary omissions. The majority of these were made because the world doesn't need a single "artistic" self-portrait; but the other delightful few serve as an exposé of my living conditions for the ten weeks away.

I invite you, then, to cast your mind back to September 2004, and step into my world.



PS. An oddity: as of today, Flickr has 739 photos tagged with sex, set against 3667 photos tagged with glasgow. And yet this photo has 43 views to this photo's 9. An economy with which many of us might identify….






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