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Blog Bloglines is down... 12/Mar/2005

My aggregator of choice, the spiffy Bloglines, which I have been using since being divorced from my desktop aggregator during the summer, is currently inaccessible. So much time do I waste checking it for updates that, on the last weekend before project hand-in, it couldn't have happened at a better time! So much time have I saved that I felt compelled to waste some by blogging about it.

That will be all.




Gei said:
I was a Bloglines user until I came across Waggr -

I think Waggr is much simpler to use, and has a much quicker interface. I highly recommend it.

Armin said:
No, it isn't, I'm using it right now. But I'm guessing you might have the same problem as me: There is a problem with the nameservers (at least the ones from BT). You can still access Bloglines through the IP address: (see also my blog entry yesterday)





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