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Blog Human Foosball 6/Mar/2005

There is a stereotype of Computing Scientists not being the most athletic people. Why this should be, I have no idea*, since on Friday night Lynsey, Jules, Julie, Andy, Stephen and I, plus Jules' fiancé Craig, put on the legendary DCS t-shirts and took to the field for a charity foosball tournamet. The freshly-coiffured Stu took the photographs.

Bravely, foolhardily, or Gregorily, I volunteered to go in goal, which might have been an abject disaster if it weren't possible to, ahem, "influence" the size of the inflatable goals. We won our first game 4–2, and lost the second by the same score. Sadly, then, the trophy was just out of our grasp, and our only tangible mementoes of the evening are the bruises on our arms, legs, and—in my case—arse. (You might wish to check out the Flickr photos tagged with "bruise". I almost submitted my own, before realising that the banter for posting a photograph of my backside on the internet would be remorseless. Take this photo as a representative example.)

All-in-all, then, a great night. Even if I will have trouble sitting down for a week….



* Unless it's something to do with the fact that I've not taken part in organised sports since school PE, four years ago.






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