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Blog Peter Ten 1/Mar/2005

This is not funny. "A lot of hardened officers were shocked by the whole thing."

Meanwhile, as a purely academic exercise—a litmus test for the blogosphere, if you will—it might be interesting to see how the Technorati cosmos for this one, ahem, snowballs.

Right now, four blogs hold it to be a tragic, senseless death (i, ii, iii, iv); while six see the slapstick comedy unfortunate humour inherent in death by snowball (i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi).

So, since we're destined for an eternity of eternal damnation, you might want to practise, or else it might be your untimely demise at which we snigger next.




Nick said:
For the record... I pointed out the tragedy... and I saw the unfortunate view that some may find the circumstancs funny... but by no means did I think it to be funny.

spoons said:
torphins isn't to far from my house. just over the cairn'o'mount. we used to play a football tournament there every year when i was still at school. also rogued tatties there for a number of years. right shame about the wee lad. aah well!





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