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Blog How to Procrastinate 14/Feb/2005

When I realised today that it was perfectly viable to use a 30-day trial piece of software for my project, and not worry about it expiring before the hand-in, I figured that it was time to get my procrastination complex in check. And what better way than to enumerate all of the ways in which I've learned to put off doing anything productive? Onward!

  1. Read all the unread items in Bloglines—you don't want to miss out when the big story breaks.
  2. Refresh Bloglines, because something new will have been published while you were reading the previous batch. Repeat step 1.
  3. Visit the sites that haven't updated, because there's a chance that there's been a new post since the last time Bloglines polled it.
  4. Repeat step 2.
  5. Notice that it's now quarter to the hour. Since it's best to think of work done in terms of whole hours, play Yahoo! Pool for the next fifteen minutes. You'll start work on the hour.
  6. Load Eclipse. Realise that you've absolutely no idea what to do now.
  7. Take a bath, because that'll give you time to think up your next step, and the invisible layer of grime that coats you is inhibiting your work ethic.
  8. Get a snack, you'll need the energy.
  9. Repeat step 2.
  10. Decide that it's getting late, and if you go to bed now, you'll wake up earlier, and start work again with a clear head.
  11. Sleep 'til noon, regardless.
  12. Repeat step 2.
  13. Write blog post about procrastination.



PS. If I hear one more person say, "Today, of all days," I won't be held responsible for the consequences. That goes for me too.


Craig said:
Even better, write an essay about procrastination...probably qualifies as meta-procrastination, should such a thing exist.

Chris Miller said:

You mean that stream-lined piece of software developed at the University of Glasgow?

Surely not - perhaps Eclipse would load even faster with DECS installed!

Neil said:
Doesn't Step 6 alone take about an hour? ;)


PS It'd probably take even longer with DECS loaded. Oooft!





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