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Blog The Last Taboo 12/Jan/2005

I'm not easily shocked. That's not to say that I've led a wild, adventurous life: rather I've had web access at home for a little over seven years now, and I was never one to be restrained by the Internet Explorer "Content Advisor".

So the notion of a coprophiliac Jesus, dressed in a nappy, proclaiming that he is "a bit gay" is not exactly earth-shattering. And the only thing that surprised me about the 3168 fucks in Jerry Springer: The Opera was the fact that reactionary pressure groups multiplied the number of "obscenities" in the libretto by the size of the chorus.

If Mary Whitehouse were alive today (or if some way were found to re-animate her rotting, spiteful corpse), she'd die all over again when she heard the day-to-day banter that goes on in the real world. As Colleen, Gary and I were discussing today, we seem to have exhausted all that is taboo; so debauched are we. (And, by "we", I don't just mean the three of us.)

Thus I throw the floor open to you, dear readers, to shock me. If only to give us something to which we can aspire, leave a comment with your idea of what might be the last taboo. We're all going to hell anyway….




Sarah said:
I'm doing some research for work into 'the last taboo' at the moment, googled it and your site came up. I'm not an expert at all, this is sort of a brain storming exercise for a project.
Anyway, does taboo have to be shocking and / or sexual? At least one mental health charity website claims that 'mental health is the last taboo'. Quite a clever marketing gimmick considering most consumers are eager to break any outstanding taboos. Now that the word cunt has been common parlance for a decade there's almost an air of disappointment amongst bright young things who live to shock.
Or is taboo merely localised now? "we don't talk about the village vicar who ran off with his parisioner's husband'.
Frankly, I'm drawing quite a few blanks and I've got to present on this next Thursday, so if you have any further inspiring thoughts please do share!

B. said:
yeah but a black jesus with a wife and three kids is..hey i dont write em..I just read em..any way ...I think the last taboo is the application of human civility......seriously , I grow tired and disenchanted by the fact that the world seems to be little more than a kindergarten with a zoo next door only adresses the benign aspects we wont mention the perpetrations of which there are I see by your last line, you have blithly abducated your charge, likely off to persue some misperceived idea of self-indulgence. As for your heel and/or heaven...simpleton, I object to and withdraw from any shabby concievable habitation if it is comprehensible to us is subject to limits emposed by negative entropy and is thus flawed and corporeal. B.





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