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Blog Three Musings on Spam 12/Jan/2005
  1. The following useragent is rather droll: (on a spam comment advertising "cheap zoloft")

    Nutscrape/1.0 (CP/M; 8-bit)
  2. As is the comment spam advertising Valium on my post entitled Making all my mood swings better.
  3. However, the fact that spam looks set to cost me money this month is rather less amusing.

Appropriately, it's this third musing that's prompted my post. I have an economic imperative to blog. A combination of several long posts in a row (yielding a large front page) and being hammered by people who want to spam my referrers (as if that's worthwhile) has led to the site using two thirds of its bandwidth allowance in the first ten days of January (see stats for more details). Hence I'm compelled to make several short, going-through-the-motions posts in order to rectify this. And this one will push the Christmas music round-up off into digital obscurity. Bon voyage!




Stuwee Spam said:
Linking to that webstat page might not have made the incentive any less for the referrer spam. In fact, I can't see much of an incentive unless that page is spidered. (Have you linked to it before?).

Might want to either get your ISP to blacklist the abusive hosts at firewall-level, or use mod_rewrite to serve them empty pages at the HTTP level.

Does your host measure bandwidth at the routers, or does it use mod_throttle? If it's the latter (more than likely if you're on a shared IP), you're more than welcome to transfer over my way until the end of the month. If it's the former, that won't help much.


Derek said:
Just a test to see if the more-liberal comment spam avoidance code is working.

Sorry if you came to this via BEANS' Recent Comments.





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