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Blog Relative Anonymity 10/Jan/2005

From the New York Times, an article entitled An Idea Whose Time Has Come Back (registration required, so use BugMeNot). The article details the modest ascendancy of electronic books, but this passage caught my eye:

One such reader is Rebecca Kroll of Scotch Plains, N.J., a live-in caretaker for an autistic teenager, who says she burns through three or four books a day and purchases 50 to 100 a week, an expensive habit that she says costs her up to $400 weekly. "Storage is a big issue with me," Kroll says. Before she discovered e-books a little over a year ago, 12,000 books crammed her apartment from floor to ceiling, leaving her desperate for more shelf space. Although Kroll says she was initially ill at ease with computers, she now does most of her reading on a laptop and stores thousands of romance and science fiction fantasy novels on two computer disks. Another advantage of the laptop, she says, is that it permits her to listen to e-books that are formatted with a text-to-speech option while she's cooking or knitting.

Kroll also likes the relative anonymity of purchasing e-books from Web sites that specialize in female-oriented erotica, some of them available only in electronic form. "It's a lot nicer, especially if you're embarrassed to go into a bookstore," she says.




Chris Miller said:
I know I get all my erotica online!





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