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Blog Feedback 5/Jan/2005

Reader submissions to this site fall into two broad categories. The first is exemplified by the sterling comments on my exhortation to the LazyWeb to find me an MSN Proxy. The Jabber solution intrigues me greatly, and I'll let you know how I get on.

The other category is summed up best by this entry to the GUFF contact form:

i want to make cats but i dont know how to

  yo ben harris

To Mr. Harris, I suggest using papier mâché for the head and body, and pipe cleaners for the whiskers.



PS. A testimonial from Matt:

"You have to blog that. It's utterly Derek — the kind of thing where you're not sure whether to stand on a chair for the sake of ruffling your hair, or back the hell up against a wall and keep a close eye on you for the remainder of the evening."





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