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Blog MSN Proxy 21/Dec/2004

Today, we invoke the LazyWeb, in the vain hope that somebody has had this idea before....

Now and again, I use MSN Messenger (actually, the far-spiffier Java-based client, Mercury). Oftentimes, I'll stay logged in even when I am out of the house, in order to demonstrate my social whirlwind and to develop a sinister log of my peers' online activities. However, when I log in at another location, my original connection is dropped — naturally enough. What I seek is an MSN Proxy that can persistently maintain a connection to the main server, and onto which I can log using a normal MSN client. Bonus points would be available for centralised logging.

Any ideas on this one? My best bet at the moment is to run the Textbased MSN Client on a Screen session, and access that using SSH, but that's far too clumsy to be worthwhile.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.




luke said:
how do you get on msn its blocked at school?

danielle said:
how do u get on msn from this??x

Christi said:
Thanx alot I have been trying to find a way to get on msn at school.

Dougle said:
should work.

Rebecca said:
MSN and e buddy are blocked at my skool how do i get on??
also bebo help please.





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