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Blog Hitting That High 19/Dec/2004

A calendrical twist of fate found us celebrating Christmas this year on the middle day of December. And so it was to Café West on Dumbarton Road for the CompSoc Christmas Party!

As before with the pub quiz, a massive thanks must go to my fellow committee members — Neil, Stevie and Stephen — for ensuring that the night was a success. And thanks also to everyone who came along: without you, it wouldn't have been nearly as enjoyable

Did I mention there would be karaoke? And whose idea was that again? And why did I allow myself to be bribed (with delivery of a bottle of Ireland's finest) into kicking off proceedings? With Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go....

Then, in the absence of The Shack, we headed forth to The Garage for dancing-based shenanigans (of which the patron saint is surely Mr. Tommy Fox).

As you may have noticed, pictures were taken of the evening (with some more here).

I certainly had a fantastic evening. If you were there, I hope you did as well. If you weren't, I hope your festive period is equally enjoyable.

Merry Christmas.








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