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Blog Take me dancing... 15/Nov/2004

Frequent travellers, priapic schoolboys and the terminally vain may have noticed with interest that Heathrow Airport recently installed an X-ray body scanner at Terminal 4.

Why should this development be of any interest? Well, it allows the operator to see through clothes to the body underneath, in order to see any bombs or weapons are concealed thereon. If you'd stop giggling at the back, this shouldn't be of any real concern — it's surely less intrusive than a cupped hand to the groin from a mustachioed security guard. Oh, but it is....

According to the Sunday Times article, these scanners, which could potentially help in reducing terrorism (more so than, say, a needless war in an oil-rich dictatorship) will not be rolled out until a method can be found of masking sensitive body parts. So puritanical fear of the naked form takes precedence over combatting terrorism? Score one for Jesusland.



PS. I seriously considered superimposing Colin's head on that picture. But I figured this wasn't that heinous. Ceci n'est pas un Trekkie.


Derek said:
It's Blue Pearl... surprisingly difficult to find these days.

dang said:
who sang take me dancing naked in the rain???





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