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Blog If you work for Websense... 7/Nov/2004 probably aren't reading this anyway.

In the pantheon of intrusive technology, internet filtering by Websense surely ranks highest. Maddox's disaffection with the company is well documented. And now it is my turn to jump on that bandwagon.

A little over a week ago, I found an intriguing referrer in the logs: ?ws-session=3187692931

(Note that there's no point in trying to visit that URL - it refers to a server on a private LAN.) Perplexed, I googled around the URL, and discovered that it belonged to a piece of software by our heroes du jour — Websense.

It appears that the sinister, arbitrary software/band of right-wing censormonkeys* have marked my site out as being unsuitable for consumption during work hours. (The software allows you to defer visiting a site until after the working day is over: frankly, I'm touched that whoever it was decided to come back after a hard day's work.) It's a long shot, but if anyone who is afflicted by the Websense curse could enlighten me as to under what category access to mrry has been proscribed, please leave a comment on this post.



* Delete as appropriate.


Bec said:
Try haveing a Personal computer at home, never installing it but having the program block nearly every website you visit. Then to have nobody ring you back from the company for weeks. This is my situation. Its like a virus!!!!!!!





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