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Blog Hardcore 14/Oct/2004

No prizes for spotting tonight's theme....

Tuesday was Steve's 22nd birthday, and he was the lucky recipient of some flowers, a box of Mr. Kipling fondant fancies and a copy of Escort from Messrs. Gemmell and Miller. Felicitously, he brought the cakes along to the CompSoc board today, and I managed to snare a pink one! How's that for a Cakes talk?

The recent mention of Sebastian Horsley, john extraordinaire, is drawing a lot of Google traffic. The plot has thickened threefold: it seems that Jeremy Vine was forced to apologise for the interview; somebody claiming to be the man himself has left a conspiratorial comment on the post; and a MetaFilter thread concurs with my suspicious that it's all something of a joke.

Some of us think that our fourth-year projects are pretty hardcore. Make way, though, for Steve Parkes and his project to build a homebrew computer, including, but not limited to, designing all of the circuitry around an 8-bit Z80, building a simple OS, and porting UNIX to it. That's so hardcore as to be Dutch.

The coreness was also on display last night at the Level 4 Cheese and Wine (sans Cheese, and with far too little Wine). Mark was taking photos, and he's put them up for your delectation in the gallery.

Finally, Matt rumbled us. But if you ever need a consultation on how to subtly bemuse one of your peers by the medium of Google referrers, Stu and I will be happy to name a price. Ooft.




Matt Gemmell said:
Coreness all round, indeed.

Stay classy, San Diego.





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