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Blog A bigger goat 7/Oct/2004

As was very much the case last year, as soon as I made my grand return to Uni in September, the posting rate seems to have fallen away. I suppose it could be related to the fact that my average time for writing an e-mail in the past week has been of the order of several hours. But let's not get introspective!

I shan't bore you with an in-depth analysis of my module choices (DAS4, DBIT4, GC(M), IR(M) and NCT4), though I've probably spent as much time collating those links as I would have if I'd written potted descriptions for each. My project is to develop a Distributed Simulation of an Economic System with Dr. Peter Dickman, and I'm looking forward to getting started on it (which will, no doubt, be very soon).

I think back to this time last year, and the trepidation which I felt about getting together in a project team. This year's third years have no such dilemma. The same team for the project and PSD, and no choice in the matter. Poor sods.

A little bit of onanism - my iPod is working wonderfully. It's half-chockful (almost 20Gb) with my music collection, including such classics as Now 29 and Now 38. (Oh yes.) Due to the high concentration of absolute gash thereon, I find myself not listening to whole albums or yielding to the will of the shuffle, but instead I've been making time-specific playlists of certified non-skip songs, to which I'll continue to listen until they become tiresome, and then I'll repeat the process (there are some mainstays). Thinking about it, it'd be quite nice to aggregate these lists - into this I shall look.

"And the title?" you ask. Last night took Gary, Neil, Stu and myself to the QM for the Big Wednesday Night Pub Quiz. The legendary Spoonie hosted what surely must be the most packed and entertaining quiz I've ever attended. We didn't do too well in the quiz, but displayed an almost prodigious talent for being drawn in the raffle, which was some consolation to Neil and Gary (if not to the people who cried "Fix").

Well, this has taken about two hours - best wrap it up.



PS. Jurassic Park is on in the QM on Monday. We're going to need a bigger goat.


Gary Fleming said:
Neil was robbed of his fruit basket. Must be absolutely gutted. At least he can console himself with all that beer though.





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