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Matt recently summed up my online oeuvre as comprising "D's sometimes teeth-hurtingly camp periodic updates on his progress with just being Derek". In that vein, then:

Friday was National Pop League at the Woodside Social Club. We arrived early enough to get a spiffy badge and sweetie, and the music was excellent (probably the best set I've ever enjoyed at a club), with too many great songs to mention. The token Pixies track, however, was Trompe Le Monde. As a bonus, I managed not to come over as a sickening fanboy when sharing the dancefloor with my indie-idol, Mr. Stuart Murdoch.

Saturday afternoon was spent lazily applying the GPL to BEANS, in order that I could stick it into CVS on SourceForge, where it can now be found on the BEANS project page. You can only download it from the public CVS, as it languishes in pre-alpha state, but I hope to get a release out soon. Also, joining the project as a developer is Gary, who will be bringing his far-greater-than-mine PHP knowledge to the table, amongst other things.

Then, on Saturday night, it was out to see JetPlane Landing, with the aforementioned Mr. Fleming. Loud, sweaty fun was had by all.

I hope your teeth have emerged unscathed.




Gary said:
JetPlane Landing was immense. A truly incrdible live band for our times.





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