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Blog Storage 19/Sep/2004

Over two years ago, I regaled readers at the time with tales of broadband. Along with a shiny new 512Kbps broadband connection, I had also just bought a brand new PC (from Lidl!), with a "massive" 80Gb hard drive.

Two years on, the two combined, and the former filled the latter. So I went out to my favoured local computer shop, and picked up a natty 160Gb drive. (At this point, imagine some obligatory nostalgia about the smallest hard drive you ever you used, and how it seemed to be more than enough at the time - mine being of a 20Mb external SCSI disk for the Mac Plus, fifteen years ago.)

So, for the benefit of my iPod, I'm ripping my entire music collection. That's not going to put much of a scratch in the huge capacity, so I'm downloading lossless concert recordings from EZTorrent, many of which are pointed out by largehearted boy, who was, in turn, pointed out by the benevolent Mr. Fleming. I've also heard that there's a site called, which provides downloads of copyrighted goods, but it would surely be illegal to partake in any of these.

As it stands today, with little of my music collection remaining to be imported, I have 44.3Gb free on the first (80Gb) partition, and the second is empty. So, I beseech you, dear readers, for ideas as to how to fill up this drive, so I can justify making a down-payment on my first terabyte disk.




Scott P said:
I agree with Chris, although, is 80Gb enough for porn? Well, I suppose it'll have to do till get the Tb disk! :D

Chris Miller said:
You must be authenticating them, ok PORN!

Chris Miller said:
Are you authenticating these comments or are my comments being filtered out?

Chris Miller said:

Chris Miller said:





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