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Blog XML-RPC is GUFF 18/Sep/2004

Currently, GUFF polls the member blogs every hour, on the hour. As any schoolboy knows, Polling Is Considered Harmful, especially in these days of RSS-caused bandwith considerations. Therefore, I have gone where several have gone before, and added a ping interface, which can be found at

I'll add more documentation to the website in the coming days, as I flesh out the remainder of the API (check out the parameterless method guff.getBlogroll(), for a taste of what might be to come), but details for pinging GUFF are exactly the same as for pinging Only the weblogurl parameter is heeded, and this must be the same as the blogroll URL (not the feed URL) for your site.

When you ping GUFF for the first time, your blog will not be polled for the next three days. A subsequent ping extends this period to end three days after that ping. After three days without a ping, polling begins again. The three day timespan is likely to change, based on feedback and posting-frequency observations.

If anybody has any suggestions for more API goodness (and remember that it needn't just be for the Glasgow Uni use case), do leave a comment.




Derek said:
Hey Jack,

The source is probably still about a week out, as things could do with some serious tidying, but it'll definitely be soon.

I've checked the MT documentation on the matter, and it looks like that should suffice for pinging. If you post and GUFF reflects the update immediately, then you'll know it's worked - if not, drop me an e-mail, and it'll get fixed.



Jack Mottram said:
Wow - looks like GUFF is going to be the common interest weblog aggregation thingy of choice. (I know I'd like to make a Sub Club/Optimo weblogs/Flickr photos page when the source is released.)

For the less technical among us, will sticking the ping URL in the appropriate Movable Type preferences bit work?





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