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Blog The New Best Toilets 16/Sep/2004

Back in January 2003, I stumbled upon a fantastic discovery. Since then (and, indeed, for long before), the Lilybank Gardens toilets have reigned supreme, with their "[clean] bars of soap, pristine white seats and little hooks to hang up your bag and jacket".

No longer, my friends.

Room 319 of the Maths Building has long been one of the dirty secrets of the University. Not only is it a toilet with the bizarre distinction of an office number (leading, surely, to some ribald japes), it was surely the foulest convenience in G12 (albeit the one with the most erudite graffiti).

No longer, my friends.

Over the summer, the lavatorial alchemists have worked their magic, and transformed them into a sparkling washroom with all of the abovementioned comforts. Visit them now, while they're still fresh. As the single graffito on the cubicle wall read:

Such nice new toilets....




Neil said:
The visitor toilets in the Hunterian gift shop are where it's at.

Gary Fleming said:
I'm still all about the Anatomy building toilets. You could play golf in them. Spacious toilets are not to be overlooked.

Besides, I like a bit more banter on the walls.





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