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Blog Fruit 15/Sep/2004

Matt has been ripping music; as have I - well over forty discs of it. Jason Kottke has been owning up to the embarrassing tracks on his iPod, including the fact that he has a copy of Your Woman by White Town. I have to admit that I don't possess that song, and I'm rectifying that as we speak. My own guilty pleasure has to be the Poddington Peas Theme. I'll say no more.

GUFF continues to grow - welcoming Messrs. Scott Porter and Jack Mottram today. If you are or ever have been a student at Glasgow University, and have a blog, why not sign up today?

Comment spam is taking a beating. Meanwhile, I thought you might be intrigued by some of the addresses that are being pimped in the lowliest of ways:


Clearly, the best way to buy phentermine is to head on over to your nearest Local Government offices. I know I will.








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