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Blog Lock-down 15/Sep/2004

With a little regret, I've had to turn on moderation for all comments. And, for a homebrew CMS like my own, this means that I've had to implement it as well.

In the last week, there have been 136 spam comments strewn about the archive, and generally making the place look like a dump. This is not the first time I have got comment spam, but it is no longer quite so cute when I'm receiving twenty a day.

It seems like the big two CMSes have got the spam problem sewn up, and the spammers have turned to amateur sites, where the protection is patchy at best. Perhaps I should be flattered that they consider my PageRank worthwhile.... I was going to make a Cold War analogy here, but, let's face it, that would be ridiculously pretentious.

Of course, don't let that deter you from commenting. I've got a pretty good moderation system set up as well, and I monitor the comments feed regularly. And especially don't let it deter you from commenting if you've got a low-maintenance suggestion for a better way to combat this problem.




Matt Gemmell said:
Like WordPress does, only defer publishing a comment if it contains one or more of a set of trigger-words, or more than 3 (5?) links. Even if you don't get spam of that kind yet, it'll happen. Also trap out any common phrases you're seeing in your 20 or so spam comments per day, assuming there's any pattern to be found.





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