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Blog The White Hart 10/Sep/2004

In memoriam.

My team and I went to the White Hart this afternoon for lunch (the one in Wood Street Village, about 3 miles away from here). Decent place. Mostly pub stuff, with the obligatory burgers and steaks etc (I had chilli con carne; amongst our number fish and chips, lamb steak, liver and onions, sausages and mash, ladysteak, and steak and onion baguette were also had).

They have a nifty system for letting you know when your table is ready. You walk in, and sit down where there aren't any people sitting. If a burly gentleman doesn't challenge you to fisticuffs, the table is ready. So that they know where you're sitting, they give you a wooden spoon with a number on it. It's like being in the Scotland camp at an international sporting tournament with all these folk carrying a wooden spoon around.

The music they play is classic eighties stuff, like Morrissey, Talking Heads, Tears For Fears and that kind of thing, and it's probably on some best-of compilation that you can buy in HMV. I didn't go into the bathrooms.

We all had a drink and a main course; it all came to well over £150. Fortunately, expenses took care of that. Worth a look.


Chris Miller said:
Classic, very good my man!

Matt Gemmell said:
Damn ace.





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