mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog Seaside 9/Sep/2004

I have two days to go on my placement. [Well, it's lunchtime now, so let's call it one-and-a-half (sesquiday!). Hmm, and tomorrow has a farewell lunch and reception scheduled in the afternoon, so it's really just one day.]

I have one day to go on my placement. Consciousness permitting, I shall be on a plane at four o'clock on Saturday, and back in Glasgow by five. Once I have the deposit on the house back, I can tell you all about it....

Blogging amongst the DCS students and alumni (or, if you like, Massive) seems to be taking off, and special mentions must go to Chris, Fiona, Matt and Scott for their gracious blogrolling. Oh, and Gary, for his radical-and-tasty redesign. I hope to see even more people joining them over the coming year.

So, all that remains is some packing and frittering, and I'll be back home. I look forward to seeing you there.




Gary said:
Cheers, dude. Part of the redesign is to accomodate a future blog-roll. You shall of course be present.





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