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Blog The Summerhouse 7/Sep/2004

Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of revisiting Bracknell one year on, and meeting up with some old friends. So much had changed, and there was even a graduate employed to carry out the processes that I developed in my six-week internship, which was amazing to see.

More anecdotally, a strange thing happened on the train ride over there. Usually, the announcement is thus:

The train now approaching Platform 8 is the 1242 First Great Western Link service to Reading. Calling at: North Camp [tee-hee], Blackwater, Wokingham and Reading.

Which is all fine and dandy. More peculiar was the additional:

Passengers for Bracknell and Martin's Heron should change at Wokingham.

Now, I am a man of the world, and I know where to change on a train journey from Guildford to Bracknell. What's spooky is that they never usually add that part about Bracknell (I've spent enough time on Guildford station to know that, thank you very much). I can only assume that the station announcements are tuned in to my solipsism.








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