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Blog Pretty Pictures 27/Aug/2004

With great pleasure, I can announce the unveiling of the Summer 2004 gallery (hosted by the gracious Mr. Stuart Campbell MacDonald). At the moment, we've got some of Mark's photos from London and Guildford, I believe Stu has some as well, and mine will follow when I get back home (in just two weeks time!).

A variation on a popular theme, there's an obligatory suggestive-eating photo (to go with its spiritual cousin), and anyone who thinks that the paucity of photographs means we're keeping the good stuff for ourselves... is very much mistaken.

In the mean time, have a good Bank Holiday weekend, and there will no doubt be many more photos to follow!




DeReK mUrRaY said:
See how it feels? :) Stoobe.

Len said:
Stu's gonna be pissed about that capital 'D' you've bastardised his surname with, D ;-)





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