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Blog Clearing 25/Aug/2004

Time for a rant. As you've probably heard, A-level and SQA exam results have recently been published. I'm going to avoid a digression into falling exam standards, as this blog is for whimsy and geekery, but if you truly believe that people are getting cleverer, people would have to be choosing partners on the basis of intelligence (and that appears not to be the case (Yeah, I know, gross &c.)).

No, what has motivated me to write are the adverts showing on MTV2 for Middlesex University. If any fan of record-company-sanctioned alternative rock is sitting, exam results in hand, waiting for an advert to suggest to them that they should try university, then they might as well not bother, and just keep watching Jackass.

It gets better, though. "For more information, text CLEARING to 84118." I dread to think what personally-tailored career advice one receives from the magical text message computer - a fortune cookie, perhaps?

At least we can take comfort in one thing - it wasn't Zane arsing Lowe doing the voiceover.




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Hitler: right idea, wrong people.





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