mrry (Happy New Year)
Blog Kit Kat saga rolls on 24/Aug/2004

I know it's rich of me to mock Mr. Gemmell for his legendary restaurant reviews, when I mine the seam of the contents of the fridge at work.

I know all that, but today's mid-afternoon snack has provoked more bloggery. Today's subliminal message was "Back in 15 minutes". Who has time to take fifteen minute breaks in the middle of the day, and what do they do in this time?

As ever, I throw it open to your filthy imaginations.




Cab said:
Well all of those that were in the three pigeons know exactly what neil does with those 15minutes

D said:
I have time to take 15 min breaks on either side of my lunch hour.

As for what I do ... I generally do exactly as yourself - have a kit kat and ponder it's subliminal message. xx





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