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Blog Guildford with a vengeance 23/Aug/2004

My previous reviews of my current stomping ground have been somewhat derisory. Whilst I have no intention of changing my opinions, I did manage to have an enjoyable weekend without boarding a train to somewhere with brighter lights.

Mark, Neil and Stu converged on Guildford station for a day of fun in play-parks, Wetherspoon's and Pubs With More Character (The Star Inn, and The Three Pigeons, to be exact). There was top-class banter, and, if I'm not mistaken, more than a few photographs of the occasion. You'll have to wait, with undoubtedly baited breath, three weeks for them to be uploaded. Meanwhile, you can content yourself with the image of Mr. Too Scottish himself riding a rocket ship, with appositely-obscene graffiti daubed on the side.



PS. All indications are that Gary is no longer a Streets fan. About time he saw sense.






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