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Blog Olympics 20/Aug/2004

You might be surprised to learn that the Olympic Games are just getting underway in Athens.

Since the end of Big Brother V, compulsory television watching in my house has been some unholy mix of gymnastics and swimming, so I've needed to keep up with news from Greece, in order to fill those awkward gaps in conversation. I present to you the spiffy Guardian coverage of the games (URL valid today, it may change, but you're clever enough to work that out).

And, as with every Olympics-related post in blogland, I am naturally affronted by the behaviour of the sponsors (via Boing Boing).



PS. History vultures might be intrigued to read that I three times blogged, and dreamt about the previous Olympics, but they would probably be expecting too much of a fifteen year old proto-Computer Scientist if they expected to find any insight therein.


Ministry Of Evil said:
Not only that but we'll strip you of your Burger King, Subway, anything not from the Golden Arches.

Oh and don't even think about using that Mastercard either. Bwahahahaha





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