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Blog The World as a Blog 12/Aug/2004

Searching through my archives, I remembered that I have made mention before of a spiffy Flash application called The World as a Blog. A spin-off from this is worldKit, which provides "an easy to use and highly flexible mapping application for the Web". The key point here is that it accepts XML (in the form of RSS 2.0), and produces plots on a map.

Which is where my (actively-seeking-a-better-name) Personal Flight Plan idea comes in.

My current plan for it is this:

  1. Design an object model for representing the data (hefty use of the Composite pattern is about as far as I've got).
  2. Build a proof-of-concept of the GUI using Java and Swing. This will simply use serialised objects as its storage format, and won't be particularly extensible or flexible.
  3. Create an export-to-RSS function, which generates suitable RSS for use with worldKit.
  4. Concentrate on converting the object model to RDF, and iron out the problems that this might introduce.
  5. Refactor the application to use RDF/XML as its primary storage format.
  6. Develop a simple web application that uses the RDF format.
  7. Add extensibility and flexibility to the GUI.

Frankly, if I get to 3 within the next six months, I'll be pretty pleased.








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