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Blog Personal Flight Plan 3/Aug/2004

I have a small appeal to you, my dear readers. I seem to recall that there was, in the not-too-distant past, an RDF-based concept that - I think - went by the name of "Personal Flight Plan" (though it doesn't show up on Google). If, by chance, I have dreamt it, then I naturally take all of the kudos.

The idea was to store a sequence of geographic locations for a person, to represent the tour that he or she had made of the world hitherto, complete with naturally-rich metadata. There was, I believe, a little Flash animation that would render this path on a map of the world.

I've been writing quite a bit about the places that I've been visiting in recent weeks, and it would please me to bring all of this information together in a useful (by which I mean machine-readable, not practically useful), structured form. As with most SemWeb things, I'm sure there would be interesting applications that one could build upon it, as well.

Right now, I don't really have the ability to do anything with this, beyond writing down my itinerary, but I'd love to build an application to support it. It would be quite simple, providing a way to create these files, and render them, using a zoomable map. I've no idea if this would be practical or not, but I'd enjoy the exercise.

So, if anyone remembers the original website, I'd greatly appreciate a pointer, or any other suggestion, in the comments.




Derek said:
I'm counting on the fact that not everyone is as go-getting as you, Chris.



Chris said:
Who cares where you've been, life's all about going to new places, live it to the MAX, map all the places you've not beeen to, that's what I'm aiming for...

Live life to the full and probably die trying.

- Chris





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