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Blog You deserve this 29/Jul/2004

I've just been for my mid-afternoon Kit Kat, and I'm shocked by what I found.

It seems that Nestlé are passing subliminal messages - "You deserve this" - to their customers, engraved onto the chocolate itself. Naturally, I am appalled... growing levels of obesity... evil corporations....

Actually, I'm far more disappointed. You see - when I read it at first, the "t" was missing, to leave "You deserve his...". I had hoped this would give me licence to raid the fridge again, on the pretext of finding out the rest of the narrative. No such luck, and it's back to work.



PS. Non-food-related posts will resume immediately when I stop being hungry.


d said:
The best are munchies which say things like

Munch me....
Nibble me ....
bite me....

on the sides of the pack. Though i'm sure you could start a complete the sentence competion with you deserve his..... I guess the prize would be a kit kat!

Enjoy work xx





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