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Blog Camden Town 28/Jul/2004
In Camden Town, I'll meet you by the Underground.
In Camden Town, we'll walk there as the sun goes down.
In Camden Town.
In Camden Town, you can do anything you want to.

...sang Suggs, on his seminal album, The Lone Ranger.

It turns out that you can also go there for a night out, a night out that I would commend to you if you find yourself of an evening in London. It goes a little something like this:

  • Drinks at Lock 17, down by Camden Lock. Indeed, it seems, you can see Ed Harcourt perform there, if you happen to drop by in mid-August. Don't bother ordering food though, since it'll never arrive.
  • Thence, up to the World's End for a couple. Probably not the cleanest toilets in London, however.
  • Come eleven o'clock, you should decamp to Underworld. Good music, and none too pretentious - the only thing you might want to pretend is that you're not too Scottish.
  • If you want the full experience, you should then proceed to miss the night bus and foolhardily suppose that you can walk it all the way to Victoria station in less than one hour. Then relent, and get a taxi.

So, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. A quality night out, at a reasonable price. I thank you.




Loyde Ayers said:
This is 100% of fact.

Loyde Ayers said:
You could also reply to my e-mails, should you find yourself in Camden Town near a 'net café. Or if you use your work e-mail.





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