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Blog News from the front 21/Jul/2004

It's been a while, I realise, but I finally bring you news from the south-east.

That first sentence originally contained the word "exciting", before I thought, who am I kidding? I'm ensconced in Guildford, living in a manner which is anecdote-rich, though I'll wait until I'm out of there to spill the beans (and I'll probably change all the names). Needless to say, the bright lights of London and Crawley have so far proved attractive at weekends, since living in a town with no more than two McDonald's or Burger Kings (not to mention only having a single Wetherspoons!) does tend to instill a sense of claustrophobia.

In the mean time, I hope you're having a generally-spiffy time of it, whatever you may be doing, and I have some announcements from our classifieds section:

  • New Owsley Sunshine album out now! It's called Another Kind of Summer, and it costs only five pounds. I've enthused about them before: go and buy it the best way you know how (mail order, certainly, and it ought to be in quality Glasgow record stores).
  • 80's and 90's Disco happening in Clarkston! On the 31st of July (I'll not be up then - more reason to go!) at half seven, in Clarkston Halls. Tickets are four pounds in advance, and to get some, e-mail Trác. There's a free buffet, a cheap bar, and prizes on offer. What are you waiting for?

I'm all for targeted marketing.








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