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Blog The Grand Going-Away Experiment, 2004 30/Jun/2004

Dear fellows,

Following the unbounded success of last year's southern expedition, I shall be taking a leaf out of Mr. Fleming's (et al) book, and taking employment for the next ten weeks.

This time, instead of abject solitude in Berkshire, I shall be working for a software company in sunny Guildford. Curiously, I won't be working for the company that confronted me with pages from mrry in the interview. Make of that what you will - I got my first choice.

In the mean time, I can't predict when I'll be ready to start updating again... I have a sneaking suspicion that my employer will have a tighter internet policy than Mark and Neil's. However, I have signed up as a member of Quarks Internet Café, Guildford, so there's that opportunity of slightly-cut-rate access to tempt me. I had the opportunity to join when I visited the same before my interview, but I thought it better not to tempt fate. More fool me.

Until the next time, then.




joe said:
The new Owsley Sunshine album `Another Kind of Summer` is out now! Get it at thanks!

Trac said:
Hey people, im putting on an 80's & 90's Disco, Saturday 31st July, 7:30, Clarkston Halls. Free Buffet, very cheap bar, prizes to be won. Tickets 4 quid in advance. Prizes include a DVD player and lots of alcohol. All profits go to charity. Email me for tickets!!!!

D said:
Hey Derek, Just thought i'd send a very late good luck message! Luckly internet policy is non existant here and I can browse blogs all day long. Also congratulations on snapping up the president of the world roll in Matt and Chris's debut film!
Good Luck xx

Fiona Cassidy said:
Haha, that poem is so funny Chris well done!
Good luck and have loads of fun Derek!

Chris Miller said:
Tis a shame,
you shall be gone,
and away to Guildford,
you have sworn.

But as you're gone,
these summer nights,
I know you'll see,
those bright red lights

Of London Soho,
like a kid,
out the porn shop,
with your porno vid

So do have fun,
D, me lad,
and try to rent,
Betty's been bad!





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