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Blog Enfranchisement 10/Jun/2004

As you are all no doubt aware, it's the European Parliament election today in Scotland, and I have just returned from the polling station. Let me share my observations with you:

  • Precious few people go out to vote at one o'clock on a rainy Thursday. I didn't see a single other elector in the polling station.
  • The ballot is long. You'll have to fold it twice to get it to go in the box.
  • The twin evils of the British National and UK Independence Parties are on said ballot. If either finishes higher than fifth in Scotland, there's something seriously wrong.
  • There was a little old lady sitting reading a paper outside the polling station, wearing a blue rosette. Even if she had tried to, she wouldn't have changed my vote.

All-in-all, a thoroughly vanilla experience. Which is what makes it perfect blog fodder....








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